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    Tri-Card Poker

    This is the right game for poker fans looking for a quick round that's three times as fun.

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    Tri-Card Poker

    You’ve seen poker played with seven or five cards, but with Tri-Card Poker, this online Table Game proves you only need three cards to have good time. Place your bet, check your hand then decide whether to raise or fold. Tri-Card Poker is the perfect game for the poker enthusiast looking for a quick round of cards.

    What sets the game apart is the ability to ante, raise and bet on the Pair Plus Feature, which can pay up to 5-1 odds. Get a taste of Tri-Card Poker now.

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    How to Play

    • Choose the wager amount ranging from $1, $5, $25, $100 and $500 then click Deal.
    • The player gets three cards face up and the dealer gets three cards face down.
    • The player must decide if they want to raise and double the bet.
    • The player can fold and lose only the original ante.
    • Dealer wins if they have at least a queen high.
    • Player wins if dealer has less than queen high.



    • Pair Plus: it’s a separate bet that wins if the player’s hand has a pair or higher.



    Ante Bonus Pay Table and Hand Ranks


    Rank Payout Table 2
    Straight flush 5:1
    3 of a kind 4:1
    Straight 1:1

    Pair Plus Pay Table and Hand Ranks

    Rank Payout Table 2
    Straight flush 40:1
    3 of a kind 30:1
    Straight 6:1
    Flush 4:1
    1 pair 1:1



    • Bet - To place the ante, the player must select Ante and then a chip value. To place a Pair Plus bet, the player must select Pair Plus and then input the chip value.
    • Deal - Used to start the game after the player placed their initial bet.
    • Raise - An additional bet that is equal to the ante.
    • Fold - Forfeits the ante and Pair Plus bet and ends the hand.
    • Rebet - When a hand is complete, the player has the option to rebet the same amount previously bet.

    Play Tri-Card Poker now

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