Casino Leaderboards

Learn more about Bodog Casino Leaderboards.


It’s on! Bring your A-game as you compete with other live Bodog players for extra bonuses – all with Bodog Casino’s brand new Leaderboards.



Step 1: Join

Head on over to the Casino Leaderboards page right from your desktop, or use the Leaderboards tool to check out and participate in upcoming events.

Step 2: Click Launch

Once you’ve joined a leaderboard, click the LAUNCH button to open the game in Leaderboard mode.

Step 3: Get Your Game On

As you play, the Leaderboard Tool will track your rank. Based on your play, you’ll earn Leaderboard Points on top of your normal in-game wins. With enough points, you could score the top prize!



Prizes depend on the leaderboard you’ve chosen. Have a look at the prizes available in the schedule listing for all events or just click on ‘View Prizes’ in the Leaderboard Tool once the event has already started.



Each leaderboard has its own set of conditions that need to be met. For instance, some slot game leaderboards might require you to make a minimum of 200 spins to qualify. Simply click on the ‘details’ tab for the listed event to see the conditions.


You can monitor your ranking in the Leaderboard Tool as an event is ongoing. Final Rankings are available on the Casino Leaderboards page for the rest of the day after an event is concluded.