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Bodog’s Live Dealer Experience

There’s a new way to play online casino games, and it involves real people dealing real cards. You may have heard of live dealer casino games before; these games take place in a casino studio where croupiers run the show – the same way they’d run things in a land-based casino. The action is filmed with several cameras and a live stream connects the online casino players with the croupiers. Furthermore, there’s a Text Entry feature that makes socializing with other players and the croupiers a reality. If you’re a fan of the gambling experiences offered in land-based casinos, our live dealer games will appeal to you. There are five table games to choose from.



What is a Live Casino Online?

Any online casino that offers live dealer games is a Live Casino Online, including Bodog. It’s classified as “Online” because the casino is web-based, but it’s also “Live” because real people are dealing the cards in real time. An online casino that doesn’t have a live component offers games running through computer software and algorithms. At Bodog, we have both options.


How Does Live Dealer Work?

There’s a lot that goes into live dealer games, including a live studio and a software/IT room. In order for the game to work on a technical basis, casinos use Optical Character Recognition technology. This technology takes what’s happening on the table in the live studio (for example, the number that hits in a round of roulette) and turns it into code that is sent to the game screen. The process efficiently merges the world of live casino play with online gaming, allowing you to see everything happening on the table through your game screen, while also being able to easily tap buttons and drag and drop chips.


Live Dealer Casino Games – Why are They so Popular?

This new way of playing is hugely popular with players who prefer the human aspect of gambling. You get to chat with dealers and other players and feel connected with others, which standard online casino games lack. It’s certainly more interesting to watch a person deal cards and spin roulette wheels than it is to watch an automated process. The sounds of other casino games being played in the background also enhances the boisterous atmosphere of a live casino. Of course, you can increase and decrease sounds, including the dealer’s voice, in order to suit your volume preferences.


Live Dealer Casino Benefits

There are four main benefits, cited by players, for playing in a live dealer casino.

Traditional casino players don’t like the idea of algorithms dictating the results. When you play in a Live Dealer Casino, there’s no software involved. You get to watch the result of the round unroll before your eyes. For roulette, the ball spins around a physical wheel that’s been approved for use in live casinos; the result of the round is determined by the ball’s momentum.

  1. Social interaction. The only way to meet like-minded people while gambling online is through live dealer games. Every game is equipped with a Text Entry Field that you can type messages into. Dealers respond verbally, and players are able to respond through text. Being able to talk with people while playing casino games adds another element to the game.
  2. No Random Number Generators. People who prefer the authenticity of live gambling appreciate the fact that these games don’t use Random Number Generators to determine the results of rounds. Luck is dictated by the way the cards are shuffled and the momentum of the ball and wheel instead of by a set of algorithms. Our live dealer games are as authentic as they get.
  3. Unique experiences with every session. Several dealers run the games, and as you get to know them, you’ll notice that they each have a signature style that creates a unique experience. There will also be different players seated at the table every time you play. And sometimes the tables will be packed with players, while other times, you’ll be the only one playing. These variances contribute to the unique experience of live dealer games.
  4. Accessibility. Perhaps the most cited benefit of live dealer games is the ability to enjoy playing your favourite casino game from the comfort of home. Bring the casino to you by simply powering up your desktop and going to


Bodog’s Live Dealer Table Games

Live dealer casino games come with higher costs than standard online games, and as a result there are fewer options than what you’d find in the other section of our casino. Right now, our live dealer games include: American Roulette, European Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Super 6 – a variant of baccarat.


We have live dealer versions of American and European Roulette. Whether you prefer the 37-digit wheel or the 38-digit wheel, our dealers have you covered. Both games require $5 minimal bets to play.



Our live dealer version of blackjack is based on the Classic version you’d find in the Blackjack section of our casino, with the addition of two bonus side bets. There’s a six-deck shoe that gets shuffled by the dealer, and the dealer hits on soft 17. Blackjack hands pays 3:2, and standard wins pay even-money. If you like to bet on other people’s action or the seven-person tables are simply at capacity, you can try back betting, which isn’t available in our standard online versions of blackjack. This feature has you winning and losing alongside the player of your choice. If you prefer to make your own luck, skip the back betting and take up to two or three seats at a table.



Our live dealer version of baccarat uses eight decks and offers the same classic betting options as the original: Banker (1:1 payout minus 5% commission), Player (1:1) and Tie (8:1). You’re betting on the side that will have the higher score by the end of the round (or a tie between both sides), with a maximum score of 9. There’s a bonus side bet called the Dragon Bonus, which pays when your hand wins by a Natural, or by 4 or more points. You can win up to 30:1 using this popular side bet.


Super 6

This live dealer exclusive is a spin off baccarat. The primary bets are the same: Banker, Player and Tie, but the payouts are different. The Banker pays even-money, except when he wins by a score of 6 points, which pays half your bet. There are four more side bets on top of the Dragon Bonus side bet in Super 6.




Live Dealer Casino FAQ

Still not sure about live dealer casino games? Take a look below at the five most frequently asked questions we get from curious players.

  • A live dealer casino is any web-based casino that offers games with real people dealing the cards from a live studio. They may offer some games with live dealers and other games with computer-generated dealers. Bodog is a live dealer casino.
  • In order to connect the action playing out on a table in a studio with your game screen, live dealer games use Optical Character Recognition technology. This transmits the data happening on the felt into code that’s used to sync the action with your game screen. That way payouts are added to your bankroll instantly when you win.
  • Dealers welcome new players to the table verbally on camera. Through the game’s chat box, you can then begin to send them messages, which can include emojis. Live dealers speak to players by addressing them through the camera.
  • If your questions are about the game you’re playing, ask the dealer – just like you’d do in a land-based casino. However, if your question is about your Bodog account, our customer service team is better equipped to assist you.
  • Live dealer is available on mobile, tablet and desktop. A Wi-Fi connection is recommended when playing on your smartphone, as the live dealer games require faster connection speeds than our standard online casino games.
  • Live dealer casino games use real people as croupiers. They run the game from a table in a casino studio. The results of the games are from physical mechanisms, such as the force with which the ball lands on the roulette wheel, and the manual dealing and shuffling of playing. Regular online casino games don’t use real people to deal the cards. They rely on Random Number Generators to run the show. This technology uses complex sets of algorithms to determine what card gets dealt next and the resting point of the ball on the roulette wheel.
  • Feel free to tip dealers by dropping a chip on the tip slot. When playing blackjack, the “T” located just right of the Main Bet is for tipping. After a round finishes, the dealers thank the players who tipped them by addressing them by name in front of the live audience. There are tipping rules that are exclusive to blackjack, including an increase in tip for splits and doubles, and the casino doubles the tip for winning hands.
  • Although the dealers will address you by looking at the camera, they can’t see you. The only things they see on their screen are the chat entry, players’ names, and information about the casino game.
  • Live dealer is not rigged, nor are any of our casino games. All games come with a small house edge built in that allows us to generate the funds needed to operate our business. Now that you know how live dealer casino games work and which games are available, it’s time to try it out and see if you like it. Take caution – once you start playing live dealer games, you may not go back to standard online casino games.