American Roulette


Only deposited funds may be used to play with a Live Dealer. As such, any play at a Live Dealer table will not count towards the rollover requirement of an active bonus, nor will it earn you points in Bodog Rewards.



Game Description

Live Dealer Roulette

Whether you prefer the potential for big wins, or the security of high probabilities, roulette has something for you. And now you can bet on your favourite roulette numbers with a live dealer spinning the wheel. A messenger service connects you with the dealer and other players, giving you an opportunity to meet them and replicate the experience you’d get in a land-based casino. It’s all streamed in real time, so you can watch the ball dictate the fate of the round – not a set of algorithms.


How to Play Live Dealer Roulette

Roulette is about trying to guess the number that a ball will land on after being spun around a wheel. The dealer will say when it’s time to place your bets, and a timer will start at the left corner of the game screen. Select a chip ($5 minimum) and place it on the numbers on the betting layout. There is a 0, 00, and numbers 1 to 36. However, European Roulette only has a single 0. The Dealer will say when the time’s up for bets and will spin the ball around the moving wheel. If the ball lands on one of the numbers you bet on, you win and get paid according to the following paytable.


Roulette Paytable

Straight Bet     35:1

Split Bet           17:1

Street Bet        11:1

Corner Bet      8:1

Five Bet           6:1

Line Bet           5:1

Dozen Bet        2:1

Column Bet     2:1

Red/Black        1:1

Odd/Even        1:1

High/Low         1:1


Roulette Bets

The 11 bets in the paytable can be categorized as either inside bets or outside bets. An inside bet offers big payouts in exchange for low probabilities, while the outside bets offer low payouts in exchange for high probabilities. Aggressive bettors look to the inside of the betting layout for their thrills, and conservative bettors prefer to be on the safe side and stick to outside bets.

The reason inside bets offer big payouts and low probabilities is because they cover fewer numbers than outside bets. Covering between one to six numbers, inside bets are able to offer enticing payouts like 35:1 for the Straight bet. The first six bets on the paytable are all types of inside bets. See below for an explanation of each bet type.

Straight Bet: One number – can be any number on the board.
Split Bet: Two numbers right next to each other. For example, 1,2 could be combined for a Split bet.
Street Bet: Three numbers that form a row. For example, 1,2,3.
Corner Bet: Four numbers that form a square. For example, 16,17,19,20. 
Five Bet: The top five numbers (00, 0, 1, 2, 3) on the board.
Line Bet: Two Street bets (total of six numbers) that are beside each other.

The remaining five bets on the paytable are the outside bets. These bets cover big groups of numbers (between 12 and 18) and hit frequently. As a result, the most you can make on an outside bet is double your money.

Dozen Bet: Numbers 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36.
Column Bet: Covers the 12 numbers that make up any of the three columns.
Red/Black: Covers the 18 red or black numbers.
Odd/Even: Covers the 18 odd or even numbers
High/Low: Covers numbers 1-18 and 19-36.


Tips for Playing Roulette

By knowing the differences between inside bets and outside bets, it’s easy to see what type of bet suits your gambling style. But to get a deeper understanding of the best bet for you, it’s important to know the win probabilities for each bet. There are big variances in the odds even within the insider bet realm. To make things easy, we’ve included the win rate percentage of each bet.

Straight Bet: 2.6%
Split Bet: 5.3%
Street Bet: 7.9%         
Corner Bet: 10.5%      
Five Bet: 13.2%          
Line Bet: 15.8%          
Dozen Bet: 31.6%       
Column Bet: 31.6%
Red/Black: 47.4%
Odd/Even: 47.4%       
High/Low: 47.4%        


Game Histories Feature

Get an idea of what numbers have been hot or cold by using the Game Histories feature. It displays the outcomes of the last 10 rounds, so you can check for patterns.


Live Dealer Roulette Buttons

Clear All: Removes all the bets you placed on the betting layout.

Rebet: Places the same bet you made last round automatically.

Auto Rebet: Continues to place the same bet you made over and over until you tap “Clear All” or unselect the Auto Rebet function.


Communicating With Live Dealers

Talking with the dealers and other players is what makes the Live Dealer experience so unique. Use the Chat Entry Field to type your messages. The players may respond through text, and the Dealers respond verbally by addressing the camera. A tipping slot is available to tip Dealers, who will thank you by name through the camera.


Live Dealer Roulette Terms of Use

  • With real people dealing, misdeals happen. When they do, the round is void and bets are returned to players.
  • If you lose your internet connection after placing your bet, the round will play through, and you’ll be paid if your number hit.
  • If the feed experiences technical issues, the round will be void and bets are returned.
  • Live Dealer American Roulette is for recreational players only. Professional and systematic gamblers will be barred from playing.