Beach Bums

Beach Bums

Game Description

The Beach Bums really know how to live it up as they hit the beach to play all day in the sand without a care in the world. Well, with this scratch card, you too can enjoy the wild abandon of a stress free beachside lifestyle. Slather on that sunscreen because you’re going to be working on your tan all day to attract the attentions of the bikini babe before the other bros, who show off their good lucks under the sizzling summer sun, get to her first. Get ready to cash in on the summer fun and leave all your worries behind. All you need to do is click “New Card” to get started and then reveal what’s hidden underneath each of the six squares.


How to Play

  1. Select your wager amount using the coin selector at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select “New Card” (the seashell at the bottom right of the screen).
  3. Scratch each of the six boxes to reveal the hidden prizes, or simply select “Reveal” to reveal all the hidden prizes on the card.
  4. Counters will appear on the screen to keep track of how many symbols have been scratched. Find at least three symbols of the same value to win!


Additional Information

  • The player cannot start a new card until they have revealed enough symbols to show that their card has won or lost.
  • Symbols may need to be scratched completely for the “New Card” button to become active.
  • If the “New Card” button does not become active, the player should select the “Reveal” button to reveal the entire card.